New Bagpipe ‘Moisture Genie’ moisture control system available

During extended winter practice sessions my tenor reeds were dropping out every 20-30 minutes because they were getting so wet, and I had to remove the reeds to blow them out and blot the moisture off to continue. The Banatyne bottle trap was not cutting it anymore, and I was going to have to commit to a more serious moisture control system.  At Island Bagpipe I found a new product called Moisture Genie that uses a single connection to the blowpipe stock with a desiccant canister slightly smaller than a beer can, so it is unnoticed when in place. I installed one, and it was immediately effective. A couple of 1 1/2+ hour plays with solid drone sound, and no moisture problems whatsoever. Not as bulky as some others, and a competitive price.

Moisture Genie website:

Also available at Island Bagpipe:

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