Individual Pipers encouraged to play for VE75

It is during difficult times like these that the things we value most take on even more importance. At this point, we would like to continue to encourage pipers to say “thank you” and pay ‘tribute’ to the millions that gave so much to ensure we all enjoy and share the freedom we have today. Pipers can still take part by undertaking the playing of Battle’s O’er and the optional tune, VE 75 Years, at 3pm local time in the country they are in, on 8th May.

  1. Always follow local guidelines and current advice laid out by your government.
  2. Do not do anything you are not comfortable doing.
  3. Pipers should undertake this event ALONE. Where bands were gathering, we strongly suggest that you consider encouraging your pipers to play solo in safe locations such as their home.
  4. If you are unable to access your original location, may I suggest you play at home? Bagpipes are an excellent instrument that can help broadcast the moment the war in Europe ended. We have an opportunity to play within the community while remaining safe. Your friends and neighbours will be able to hear the pipes coming from gardens, doorsteps and dwellings nearby.
  5. For current reasons you will understand, it is not recommended you gather as a band. Consider creating your own social media video post of you playing the tune that you can share amongst your friends and the rest of the world. Don’t forget to use #veday75 



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